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Our Luxury Gold Coast Nail Salon offers over 150+ colours of Gel Polish to choose from, for use either over the top of any nail enhancements or on the natural nails. We offer Acrylic and Hard Gel products which are made to be used as extensions but can also be used on the natural nail for added strength.

Price List


Acrylic / Hard Gel Set

Please allow 1hr 15mins for this service. Includes infill, gel polish, gel topcoat & cuticle care.


Acrlyic / Hard Gel Infil

Please allow 1hr 15mins for this service.​ Includes infill, gel polish, gel topcoat & cuticle care.


Sculptured Full Set

Please allow 1hr 45mins for this service. Acrylic or Hard Gel, includes gel polish & gel topcoat.


Gel Manicure

Please allow 1hr for this service. Includes Gel Polish & Gel Topcoat.


Soak Off

Please allow 1hr for this service. Soak off acrylic using acetone – not available for hard gel.


Swarovski Crystals

Time depending on amount of crystals. Varies with each design, with many varieties to choose from.

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  • Shellac or Gel Polish?
  • Benefits of Gel Polish
  • Gel Brands
  • Cuticle Oils

Shellac or Gel Polish?

Lots of people are misinformed about these 2 products. Shellac IS gel polish. It is just a BRAND of gel. Gel polish is a soft gel that is used on the natural for some added strength or is used on top of extensions.

Benefits of Gel Polish

Gel polish is amazing and widely used throughout nail salons all over the world due to the fact it can last weeks and weeks without cracking, chipping or losing it's colour.

Different Gel Brands

There are many different brands of Gel out there, shellac being one of them. Here in our salon we have a wide range of beautiful, high quality gel polish for you to choose from.

Importance Of Cuticle Oils

It is so important that you look after your nails after getting them done. This includes using cuticle oil nightly and not using your fresh nails as tools. We like to say, "They're jewels not tools". The use of cuticle oil keeps those nails soaking in Vitamin E and essential oils. This promotes healthy growth of your natural nail and your cuticle will be soft and less prone to dryness and cracking. With the proper use cuticle oil will also help your nail enhancements last longer!


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