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The use of Cuticle Oil daily promotes healthy growth of the natural nail and also make your enhancements last longer by keeping your nails and skin moisturised & acts as a barrier against water, which dries, softens & makes your nails brittle.

I get my cuticle oil hand-made from a local organic beauty shop, Body Collective. To view their range of nail serums and oils, please click below 🥰

Is Cuticle Oil Important for your nails?

It is so important that you look after your nails after getting them done. This includes using cuticle oil nightly and not using your fresh nails as tools. We like to say, “They’re jewels not tools”. The use of cuticle oil keeps those nails soaking in Vitamin E and essential oils. This promotes healthy growth of your natural nail and your cuticle will be soft and less prone to dryness and cracking. With the proper use cuticle oil will also help your nail enhancements last longer!